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[Card Trade//]

Card trades anyone?!
Erm, yeah, you thought I couldn't possibly get any more annoying, huh? ^^;

I am planning to attend a UK tournament and Majestic Dawn Pre-Release on the 17th May, but I have something very very far from a legal deck. I'm after EX series eevee cards, particularly from the Unseen Forces and Sandstorm sets.
For this reason I prefer UK based trades, and only international ones if you have the time to post out your half tomorrow or Friday. (I will be doing the same of course).

Apparently I don't need them that quick xP
Still trading/will sell for good offers. Added Japanese cards and First edition VS Cards.

I'll trade any number of cards under the first cut for one or two eevee's from Sandstorm or Unseen Forces, or any darkness/metal energies.

Second cut will be card for card, or 2-3 cards for one card.

I'm also willing to trade for any eeveelution card I don't have (ask) growlithe/arcanine, houndour/houndoom especially from the Sandstorm EX set, absol, shinx/luxio/luxray, and maybe poochyena/mightyena cards

2nd execcute is holo, Jynx is holo, horsea is holo, and buneary is holo,

Deoxys snuk in xD
Top two rows except phanphy are holofoils.

Holo machamp (rocket set)
Holo Heracross
1st edition VS cards, will trade for very wanted things only

Ask if you want more information!
Hopefully the post will be updated in a few hours with photos from the older gen sets. I'm looking to get rid too, so if you have legally playable cards of any dog type pokemon that you think I might be interested, ask meh! :D
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