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Introduction and Keshimon Holder

Hello there everyone!
  How's everyone doing?  Long time Pokemon fan here, saw this community, and figured I'd join!  I started playing Pokemon way back when Red and Blue first came out.  Me and my best friend had the day off from school, each picked up a copy, he got Red and I got Blue, and we went to town on it.  Eventually, all the guys in my school had a copy, and it was the cool thing for awhile.  But as with all things at that age, the fad died down.  Personally, I didn't start playing again until much later when my friend convinced me to pick up Diamond, and eventually got me HeartGold.
  Recently, I was cleaning out some of my old stuff, and I found something I had gotten during my original run with Pokemon, this Keshimon Holder with a little rubber ball and metallic Raichu inside.  I have no idea where it actually came from, I had traded a Venusaur figure I had gotten from Toys R Us, which I somehow remember, with a friend who had this Keshimon Holder.  Honestly, now I feel like I cheated the poor kid, but he really liked Venusaur so at the time he was happy to make the trade.  But anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get any more of these little guys?

Here's a picture of mine, a little beat up, but hey, I was real young at the time I had it and threw it around a lot.  I'm surprised I never lost the Raichu inside.
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