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serious PEZness

Haha, I just conned butterfly kissed my mum into paying for half my Toys n Joys order by telling her that if I bought her boyfriend a sticker, I would split the price of my own order with her. She didn't ask what the price was til after we paid, lol. The total was only $40 so the split wasn't bad -- considering the poop scoop monies I made this week. :) But she's okay with it. Even if I didn't happen to mention the fact that they've gotten as much negative feedback as the Fung Wah.

But like the title says, I've got a PEZ situation.
While on the quest to complete my Pachirisu collection, I purchased a PEZ dispenser from eBay. Since the picture only showed a Pachirisu, that's all I thought I was getting... but then these three were at the bottom of the box...

I contacted the seller to see if it was a mistake, but he said that I'd bid on the set of four. Oh well. I'm getting rid of them for $5 each + shipping, if anyone's interested.
Chimchar SOLD - meowthcollector, Pikachu SOLD - rini124 Darkrai HOLD - eeveelution
And then there's this.

I just found them on eBay, not even listed under "Pachirisu". I snatched them up, but of course you know the only one I want. I'm willing to take claims on the other four. They'd be $3 each plus shipping.

Pikachu - claimed! rini124
Chimchar - claimed! meowthcollector
Piplup - claimed! rini124
Turtwig - available

And of course, the shipping will be $4 to ship in a box and $2.50 to ship in a padded envelope.
The second batch hasn't gotten here yet, which is why I'm only taking claims for them. If you order a PEZ from each set, I'll gladly wait on payment for when the second set arrives. :)
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