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Small Update & Umbreon Sale!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Permanent Sales

YAY VEELUS! Some more pics, gauging interest, and questions under the cut below :D

Also got lots of kids and zukans and more plush! :D

Bought more things from herar :D Getting another package from her soon 8D'
Almost have all my top kid wants now I think 8D

Custom Oshawott I made for myself :D Time of the day when the sun ruins all my photos...

Spoink iPod pouch I made for myself and Scraggy MPC along with Daru & Honchkrow kids i got from fizzycat :D

Also some fun photos!

lots more pics here!

So, my friend gave these to me since they've just been in storage for years :D! Pretty certain they're all legit.
I cleaned them all up the best I could. They have some pilling on their ears I think and a few other places. I cant tell if Vaporeon's back fin is as well or if it's supposed to look like that? lol.
I think for now I'll keep Flareon as he's in the worst condition ^^; But I might sell him eventually because having one makes me want them all which will never happen lmao. I believe I've found Vaporeon a home... :)
Umbreon now up for offers below!

I was also wondering if there's any interest in these cards. Not sure if I should sell the deck together or all individually..
Coins, sticker card thing, latias and psychic energy not included XD Though they'll all be up for sale too.

Something else I was wondering if there's interest for.. not sure if I'm going to keep it or not...

Selling this Latias vs card! Looking for $35 shipped OBO
You can see the rest of my card sales here

Umbreon up for offers!

some more pics here!
* Comes from cat friendly (& smoker) home
* Has been cleaned with washcloth & soap & smells good!
* Very lightly loved condition
* Tag is attached but worn and creased
* Ear had a pulled thread but I fixed it
* Comes with this ATC drawing!

* Offers Starts at $30 (does not include shipping)
* Offers end on the 26th at 7pm MST countdown timer here

* If you back out of your offer I will leave neg. feedback
* Thread Link here!


I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE <3 I'd be willing to trade several things from my sales, make a custom, or pay for it if I can afford to!
Also looking for Scrafty but getting the feeling he costs more than I can spend ^^;

Shelgon charm! Maybe some other charms too, I love unloved pokemon! XD

PMD things! Especially Piplup and Bidoof gashapon dioramas :3

Check out my weebly for more wants ^^

Also doing some much needed collection weeding!
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