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collection post! (and other stuff)


Taking all these pictures made me happy. c: And to think, a little more than a month ago, I had nothing! Absolutely nothing! And now, I have this:

Seriously, thanks so much to everyone who's made this collection possible so far. You guys are all awesome and I look forward to adding onto this collection with your continued help. c:

And now here is some awesome package art I've gotten. :D

From crimson_angel02!

From denkimouse!

From !

From featherclaw!

From pacificpikachu!

I think I actually have more art... but I didn't get to take pictures of them. ;3; So if you're missing, sorry! I'll get you next time, promise. D;

Here's also a quick update on my Totodile evo line collection. I need me some more Croconaw! Poor thing only has his zukan piece and a metal coin. Totodile and most of all Feraligatr gets all the love. o_o;

And here is Feraligatr about to fight a Zaku. I don't know why. xD

Ivysaur update! Unlike with the Totodile line, I'm not all that interested in Bulbasaur or Venusaur, but it looks like I has me some Bulba anyway. XD <3 I look forward to adding another kid and keychain to this collection soon. :D

And here is Greymon sitting on my giant tea mug. Because he feels left out. :3

And now here is an updated partial want list of the things I want the most. :o I probably won't be looking too hard for these until after summer, but if anyone has any of these and can get them to me by the end of May, I'm definitely interested!

Lapras zukan
Lapras closed mouth, shifty eye kid
Lapras closed mouth, fat neck kid
Lapras 151 Badge Collection badge
Lapras chou get (I've never seen a picture of this, but I'm assuming one exists? :o)
Lapras TOPPS card
Lapras TOPPS Clear Card
*Lapras pokeball keychain
*TCG VS Series, Misty's Lapras (57/141) (jap only)
Lapras minicot
Lapras marble
Totodile pokedoll
Totodile TOMY figure
Ivysaur TOMY figure
Leafeon pokedoll

* I know these are on eBay, but I'd like to see if I can get them elsewhere first.

And here is a mini sales post also. :o

Murkrow TFG - $4
Brenden TFG - $4
Pogs (kind of worn) - $.50/ea
Bootleg figures - $1/ea
-- Surskit's yellow antennae broke off and is free with any other purchase; Marshtomp and Swampert have paint rubs and are $.50/ea.

Shipping is $1 for the pogs, $2 for the figures, and $4 for the TFG figures (I probably need to get a box for these). Add in a dollar for international shipping. Paypal only! Everything comes with free sketches. c:
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