andrew1374 (andrew1374) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My Gift For Valentines

Hello Everybody,

I just wanted to share what I received for this valentines day. Usually, my girlfriend buys me something that is pokemon related, but this time I didn't expect her to do so.

This Valentines Day, she told me that she was going to make something for me, which kept me baffled because I kept wondering what could she possibly make for me. 

Anyways... Here's what she made for me.

She decided to draw some of my top favorite pokemon. Here's some close ups...

That's me riding on top of a dragonite.

The last close up shows my favorite part of the painting. I love the confrontation between gible and scraggy. They are probably my most favorite beginner evolution pokemon. Also, I love how stunfisk is angry at deino, and he reacts by acting clueless as usual lol
Thank You Very Much for reading

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