kawaiiouji (leavanny) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ATTENTION: I have made contact with Papaiyacoffee

For those who have done business with papaiyacoffee then I have news for you!

I have finally been able to contact her

I have spoken to her on Skype before and she just happened to have her home and cell number on her Skype profile. At first I thought it was just a home number, but a few days ago I realized there was a cellphone number I could text (I wasn't comfortable calling...). 

So today...I texted her...and she responded!

I talked to her about how she hasn't been able to reach her computer because her computer crashed. The reason apparently why she was able to comment on her deviantart was because she had an app... (still a little fishy)BUT also there were a lot of things going on in her life. 

Edit:When you log into it from an iPhone/Android, it shows up in an app-like form instead of a web browser. You can check messages and comment way easier, though I think a few things are still restricted (like checking notes and such). (Thank you snow_skitty)
Of course we know her computer crashed. But also: there was a crisis in her family and her roommates haven't been making rent for the past too months, adding on to her own personal wellness stopping, and working her butt off to pay to make her roommates rent.

That is basically what she told me, if you want a screencap of the conversation I would be more than glad to send you it.

However, she is honestly sorry. She's recovering from all this horrible stuff she's gone through. And she said that little by little she will try to ship out peoples items. I even offered to serve as a liaison from me to other users so they can get their items. 

YES, I know she should have been more responsible and at least notified the community. But, I mean,I have forgiven her for the most part and know that this wasn't just some scam to cheat people out of money and that there was no malice intended. It might take a while but I am feeling optimistic that though EXTREMELY late, everyone will get their items delivered to them! 

I'm still talking to her now about how things are going to get done! I'll keep you guys posted!

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