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Hello everyone! This weekend I bought two Minccino plushes and 1 Cinccino plush. My "ccino plush" collections now has 5 members in it (Pictures are at the bottom...sorry for the random Okapi webkinz in the photo xD). I paid $13 for Halloween Minccino, and I got Cinccino and round-headed Minccino together for $40. I think this was fair, but then again I have no idea and everything is over priced at anime conventions. xD. I was just happy I didn't to have to wait for shipping and got to take them home with me right away, so there is a plush to buying at conventions. On a side note, something has been bugging me for a long time now. I cosplay as Minccino, and I call him Min-Chee-No. Most people do not argue with me. On the other hand, when I say Cinccino people go all crazy. I pronounce it as Chin-Chee-No because it rhymes with Minccino and sounds likes Chinchilla and Cappuccino put together. Others says Sin-Chee-No. How do you guys pronounce Cinccino?

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