Jessica (tailglow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

in-case figure gb payment 2 + secret valentine's!

sorry for the wait participants. ^^; the figures actually got to me about 2 weeks ago but school has been hectic. but i have a 4-day weekend so i finally got some time to put everything together. :D

seyera (Cooking, Beach, & Dome Ditto) I will PM you your total!
lemontree11 (Dome Chansey) - 2.31 if US
quailien (Dome Lapras) - 2.31 if US
cluw (Dome Eevee) - 4.23
dragonrider49 (Dome & Cooking Charmander) - 5.03
shortcakemiddy (Cooking Chansey, Pikachu) - 2.31 if US
crasherwake (Beach Meowth & Seel) - 2.31 if US
wutastic (Beach Squirtle) - 2.31 if US
happyparasol (Beach Slowpoke) - 2.31 if US
havvaiibabe (Beach Pikachu) - 9.64 combined payment

all payments go to!
please let me know your country if i got it wrong so i can recalculate your total! also, please note that all of these are quotes for your goods shipped in bubble mailers which may possibly damage your figures. if you want it in a box, please let me know down in the comments below so i can give you a new quote!

and i got my secret valentine's present! thank you so much suppis_tenshi!

the picture really doesn't do the justice of how well-made the card is. >< it's just so perfect in every way & i can tell she put a lot of effort into it. :)

other than this beautiful handmade eevee card, she also made me a crochet eevee plush. ;n; to be honest, i was never really into crochets before because i thought it would be really firm? not sure if i make sense. but this eevee is the first crochet i own & i absolutely love it! it's very squishy & she now sits proudly with the rest of my eevee family. n__n

so thanks again! ps. i love your username as well. :) i'm a huge ccs/clamp fan. ^^;

oya. & here's some recent gets i'd like to showoff. :D

thank you so much, killmeneko for constantly doing pickups & awesome sales. :D

& i finally got a dragon clearfile! it was actually from brian.. surprisingly he was charging a very fair price for them & it was all sold out from his website in less than a day!11 (it's true, but i was just trying to sound like what he says in his videos & descriptions. XD)

so yep that's all! thanks for looking guys. :)
Tags: custom, eevee, group auction, payments, pokecen
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