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Two items for sale and remaining wants

Hey there guys... Yesterday a package arrived with type focus goods and something else, a Shinx Canvas Plush. But I'm somehow not really digging it D: Guess I like the 2009 version better after all. So yeah, I'll sell it if anyone has interest.
Sales permission was granted by Dakajojo on 09/25/11 btw.

I'm looking for 35$ shipped for it, be aware though that the hang tag has quite a few creases, they haven't damaged the printing though.
The Pichu tin is also for sale, I'm looking for about 15-17$ shipped for it. If anyone has interest, please let me know. 

So regarding my wants, there's only 2/3 things I'm looking for.
- 2009 version Shinx Canvas Plush(the sitting one)
- Pachirisu Valentine's Pillow (or the one of Buneary)

I'm looking only for items with their hang-tags although I don't mind if it's detached. A few tiny creases are okay as well, but they shouldn't be too noticeable :/ Thanks for watching!
Tags: buneary, canvas, chikorita, cyndaquil, pachirisu, pichu, piplup, pokecen, sales, shinx, totodile, wanted
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