zenmekir (zenmekir) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Sigilyph MPC plush

Hey all! Just a simple wants post; I'll have something to really update about in a few weeks, looking forward to some items coming in. I may have to do a reintroduction at some point too considering I've been gone so long, but regardless!

I am looking for this:

(image from pokemonplushproject)

If you have it..name your price and we can haggle?

I also got this in the mail today

I haven't had a new Zukan in so long; I forgot how lovely they are to receive. This one is also very nice beautifully painted!

I am always interested in Sigilyph and Desukarn(cofagrigus) items I don't own.

That's it for now! Short and simple.

Edit: I got the plush! Thanks for the tip in where to pick it up I got a good discount. <3 Still looking for other general items so I'll leave this up.

Tags: sigilyph, wanted
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