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Third-party bidding, hurrah!

Okay, first of all, apologies to those of you that are like, old hat at this business and are sick of people posting about it. On the bright side, this isn't a "OMG HOW DO U USE SMJ?" post, so at least you don't have to sit through another of those, heh.

I thought I had seen people talking about it a few posts back, but I went through several pages of posts and could not find it...

I've been hearing people griping about SMJ's overcharging and inattentiveness lately, so I'm very very hesitant to bid through them. My best friend and I both are looking at auctions on Yahoo Japan, and we were just wondering...

What are some other good third party bidding services? The only two I really know of are Rinkya and SMJ, but I haven't heard much good about either of them. I know somebody was talking about them the other day, and you guys came up with a decent-sized list of alternative websites... but I can't find that post. @_@

In any case, I'd love to hear opinions and experiences, if you don't mind. <3 Thanks!

*puts the info tag on this post so the next person with this question can just look it up, woo!*
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