Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

100 Figure GA is in :3.

Yaay Packages :3,I wasn't expecting it for another week <3.

I will be taking everyone's packages to the post office tomorrow so let me know if there is anything you want to add :3.

Most of the figures had small nicks in the paint :).

mewtwohavok Pikachu and Mudkip are dirty,Blastoise has a black mark on his nostril,Treecko is fine :3.
2.32 to sockmehard(at)

noksum Both bulbasaurs seem in perfect condition :3.
(Little bulbasaur is so cute ;u;)

palkiaqua Dialga has some small nicks on him,Giratina seems fine except for some marks on the clouds behind him.

hyper_potion Venusaur has a small black mark on his cheek,small marks on his flower and underbelly,a white mark on his foreleg,and some kind of glue residue on his neck that isn't really noticeable. His legs and flower move :D.


plastickaiju Bulbasaur has paint loss next to his cheek,some black marks on his ear,and some pink paint or something in the lining of his marking I got most of it off but my nail doesn't fit in the cracks.
2.32 to sockmehard(at)

doryphish333 Munchlax has small blue marks on his back,Sealeo has a small nick on his neck,Wailmer has small marks on his underbelly,Seviper has a small nick on one of his yellow scales,Volbeat is a little beat up but not too much,Exploud is missing paint on parts of his head,Shroomish has a black mark on one of his petals,Lotad has a nick on one of his arms and a black mark on his underbelly,everything else is fine :3.

epicaz Raikou has missing paint and marks on him,Jolteon is just dusty :).

shirohikarikaze Vaporeon is just dusty :).

sneadres Poliwhirl has some scuffs,Poliwrath has some nicks and marks,Jynx has a mark on the back of her arm. I suspect them of being zukan :3.
4.20 to sockmehard(at)

jess111303 I still have not received payment from you please give me your zipcode and I will add it onto your shipping,If I don't received payment within a week I will offer your stuff to someone else. Everything seems fine,Marowaks head moves and Poliwag is a zukan.

remderosier Flareon has some dust and small nicks on her hair tuft and tail,Linoone has some paint loss on his feet and two small marks on his hip,Staraptor has a dirty face and has lines going across it,everything else is fine :).

ktmonkeyj shaymin has marks on his face,Regigigas is dusty and has marks on his face,Croconaw has marks on the yellow parts of him and paint loss on his back spikes,Empoleon has a dirty face mask.
2.32 to sockmehard(at)

squeakaree Pachirisu has marks on his tail and back,Plusle has paint missing from the back of his ear/side of his face and is missing his tail,everything else is fine :3.
3.43 to sockmehard(at)

eternal_rena Reshiram and Infernape are dusty :).

shinygolurk Mismagius has two small nicks on her :).

umbreonoctie Giratina has a small nick on his spike :).
4.20 to sockmehard(at)

little_ledyba Politoad has a really small black mark on his back. 

technicolorcage Chimchar has paint loss on his knuckles/tip of his ear/his arms/knee/feet and a mark on the side of his ear,Mew has minor blemishes and his head/legs/tail move.
2.32 to sockmehard(at)

pyramidpower Swampert has paint loss on his head/nose/legs/toes/fingers and three small marks on his belly and arms.
2.32 to sockmehard(at)

theevilpotato Giratina seems fine :).
3.43 to sockmehard(at)

yueyen Plusle has small marks and blemishes on his forehead and is missing his tail .   

joshpho Mudkip is missing paint from his face/belly/fns

Figures 50 cents for GAPS and 1.00 for NON
Gone: Phanpy,Blastoise,Igglybuff,Mime Jr,and 1 Wynaut

Figures 1.00 for GAPS and 2.00 for NON
Gone:Electivire,Mamoswine,Zangoose,DarkRai,Heatran,and Plusle

Absol 1.50 for GAPS and 3.00 for NON

These have been taken out of the box and played with
Meowth (In the best condition no scuffs or anything on him - Does not talk) - 5.00
Squirtle (Talks when you press the button the inside,packaging is dented ) - 5.00
Eevee ( Marks on her chest fur - Does not talk) and Togepi (marks and blemishes on him - Does not talk) - 3.00 each
Blastoise Squirt Toy (has some blemishes/dirt) - 2.50

Psyduck (some marks on his bill - Does not talk) 3.00
Squirtle (I got him to talk but he doesn't say squirtle for some reason - has marks all over his tummy) - 2.00
Shiftry jakks and Pikachu (marks and blemishes -Does not talk) - 1.00 each

Look at this neat book I found :3,it has some really cute and unique art.There were 5 left so I could pick them up if anyone's interested for 10+shipping and also ask if they have more.

One of my favorite pages <3

That charmander hanging off the sign is so adorable <3.

Creepy mewtwo stalking ash

Cute charmander and mew <3.

Tags: absol, aggron, blastoise, bonsly, cacturne, darkrai, deoxys, eevee, electivire, glalie, heatran, igglybuff, kyogre, magmortar, mamoswine, meowth, mewtwo, mime jr., palkia, phanpy, pikachu, plusle, psyduck, shiftry, skarmory, squirtle, togepi, wynaut, yanmega, zangoose
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