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Sales Post

Sales Post. o(o)o 
Updated and added some items
Also will be adding more through the day so be sure to check back!!

Sales permission granted by on 13 FEB. 2012

My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/p3nguina/

Guidelines and Rules:

- All Pkmncollectors rules apply

- I only accept PAYPAL. If a male name appears don’t be discouraged it’s my father’s name, I’m too lazy to start a new account (◡≦)

- I ship from the United States and will ship internationally (please allow longer time for international shipping)

-Buyer is responsible for shipping and Paypal fees. This is not included in the listed price unless it says "shipping included".

- Payment is expected within 24 hours. If you do not pay, negative feedback will be left.

- If my prices seem unreasonable, feel free to haggle! But don't be upset if I decline.

-Trades are accepted just ask.

- I will only hold items for 48 hours.

- I am not responsible for items being lost in the mail once they leave my hands.

- I would be happy to have the package insured and/or tracked. Just ask and I’ll add it to the total.

- I reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason.

- All items come from a no pet home.

Feel free to correct any of my mistakes!!

Toy Factory Shaymin (Land Form) plush- $10

Poke Blaster with Charmander and evos. MIP -$15

Charizard -$10.00
Mewtwo -$5.00
Both are MIP

Promo Pikachu plush cushion -SOLD
Promo Pikachu plush (4x) -$16.00

Neo Promo cards (7x) -$11
Vending sheets (10x) -$3.50 each

Poseable Tomy figure -$10 each
Entei (2x) Lugia (3x) Ho-oh (3x)

Poseable Tomy figures -$10
Zekrom (5x) Reshiram (4x)

Azurill Figure (1x) -$5
Swinub Figure (1x) -$5

Pokemon mini figures -$2.50 each
Combee (4x) Gastrodon (4x) Azelf (4x) Palkia (4x) Drifblim (4x) Regigigas (4x) Happiny (4x) Gliscor (3x) Magnezone (4x) Rampardos (4x)

Zukan -$5 each
Reshiram (SOLD)  Zekrom (1x) Patrat line (1x) Munna line (1x)

Bottle Caps -$3.50 each
Victini (2x) Emboar (1x) Samurott (1x) Serperior (SOLD)

Bootie Plushies
Leafeon - SOLD
Dragonite - Sold
Chikorita -$3
Chingling -$3
Plusle & Minun -$2 each

Mini messenger bag -$15
Features Zoroark and the three legendary dogs

Pikachu Clock -$8
Pachirisu Tatoo -SOLD
Meowth -$2
Croagunk,Cranidos,Glameow -$2 each

Pachirisu & Shieldon Pencils -$2 each

Jakks Plushies: $9.00 each
Munna (2x) Togekiss (1x) Pidove (1x) Celebi (1x)

Chansey 3/102 1st. edition -$64.00 (Shadowless)
Clefairy 5/102 1st. edition -$64.00 (Shadowless)
Charizard DP45 Promo -$7.00
Emboar BW21 Promo -$2.50 (2x)

Zorua and Celebi large promo card -$24.00

Each VHS -$3.00 and contains 3 episodes
I Choose You! Pikachu!, The Mystery of Mount Moon, The Sisters of Cerulean City, Poke-Friends, Thunder Shock!, Seaside Pikachu, Psychic Surprise, Primeape Problems, Fashion Victims, Fighting Tournament.

Thanks for viewing ^-^

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