JujuFox (jujufox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants and Sales

I've finally gotten around to making a wants thread in my journal! Go here to see my wants. So that means that if you have something from my wants post I am willing to buy/trade for it! n__n

I've also lowered some of the prices in my Sales post, so go here or click Slowpoke to go see what I got up for grabs.
I have an item for sale for each of the Pokemon I tagged in this post! Phone straps, a Victini Kid, some Pokeballs, and lots of TCG cards!

I really want to get rid of these TCG cards since I only collect them for the artwork and for the Pokemon I like best! Make me an offer if you want a bunch. I'll be getting some Next Destinies booster packs soon in attempts to get a Reshiram EX, so more cards will be added sometime soon.
Tags: cards, emboar, gothitelle, lillipup, lucario, reuniclus, sales, scraggy, victini, wormadam
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