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Big Plush Sales and Auctions

well it is time for some sales and auctions from my giant lot of plush I bought

- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept payment from Paypal at the moment.
- I am not responsible for packages after I have shipped them
- holds only if you are bidding on auction plush and 100% committed to buying the other plush
- payment expected asap within 3 days unless you ask if you can send it in however many days then payment is expected that day or the item is put back up for sale also say when payment is sent
My feedback
- granted sales permission on 20 DEC 2011 by entirelycliched
- can hagle

Jacks Buneary tush tag only other than that great condition really soft 6$

Hasbro Meowth tush tag only felt whiskers pealing 5$

Jacks tentacool no tags great condition 5$ SOLD

Jacks duskull no tags 5$ SOLD

Jacks Shelloses (what is the plural of shellos?) tusk tags only soft great condition 5$ each or both for 9$ possible buyer 

Jacks Chatot no tags great condition 5$ SOLD

cute sad Jacks Bonsley and his BFF BK pikachu who is comforting him both have tags and are in great condition Bonsley 5$ Pikachu 1$ if you buy both $5.50

Cute Jacks Cherium tush tag only great condition 6$ SOLD in person to one of my sisters friends who thought it was cute

MINT with all tags Jacks Pachuresu 10$

Jacks Turtwig tush tag only great condition really soft 6$

Jacks mantyke no tags super soft great condition 6$

just because I have a bunch of these pokemon Maril/ Azumaril and Kyoger water wiggelers they are for sale here for 4$ each

POKEMON PLUSH Auctioned plush that didn't sell that are now for sale

Large rare repaired Hasbro Flygon the only plush flygon has. the wing where it was attached was ripped because of the weight of the wing fixed better then new and the factory had the neck under stuffed so from the wing hole the neck was restuffed so it's head doesn't droop and was given a through surface washing has minor pilling in random spots on it's body including hands because I do not own a depilling device also he still has his tush tag.
Flygon starts at 10 dollars

Jacks Chatot SUPER soft only tush tag perfect to cuddle great condition starts at 7$ SOLD

Jacks Zubat tush tag only super soft great condition (yarn and rubber band used to hang him to show his whole body not included) starts at 7$ possible buyer 

largeish Jacks talking Chimchar tush tag only great condition 14$

good sized Hasbro Grovyle great condition no tags starts at 15$

Lugia Pokedoll no tags according to previous owner it is a legit USA first release one  great condition starts at 17$

Jacks Riolu a rare jacks plush SUPER soft one of my favorite Jacks plush ever great condition tush tag only starts at 11$

Jacks Buizel my second favorite jacks plush no tags SUPER soft great condition starts at 7$ possible buyer 

Jacks Wobbuffet SUPER soft tush tag only great condition starts at 6$ possible buyer 

Groudon Pokedoll no tags according to previous owner it is a legit USA first release one  great condition so some reason only hands and sideburns have minor pilling starts at 17$ SOLD
BUT I have another Groudon USA 2007 Groudon MINT other than missing hang tag but has tush tag 30
As a extra little joke thing Maine (my state) is the best place to buy lobsters and that includes angry red pokedoll lobsters

Orange tailed Mirage Pikachu good condition appears that the makers missed a stitch on the mouth and above the stripes has tush tag but it has a stain in the middle of it Starts at 15$

also a random question did play by play miss many Pikachu's tails because I got a play by play Pikachu in this lot and it is missing it's tail the previous owner said he got it at the carnival that way

and to leave you off with a random picture of my cat Louie sticking his tongue out at me because I was spending to much time with the plush


EDIT also if anyone is interested I have a Koro to Manmaru Lickilicky UFO I would auction off to
here is a link to the pokeplush project one

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