Tuesday (glacidea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales and keychains and Volcarona

I have some epic sales and a custom plush up for offer going on over in my livejournal:

You can go here for the sales: http://glacidea.livejournal.com/711448.html?view=1833752#t1833752

Also, I finished all the keychain commissions and am finishing up most of the normal commissions now. I got really sick and it really set me back. If you haven't received a pic of yours, you will soon. I need a new camera battery (I've had these sales photos taken for weeks).

I don't have any normal commissions open, but I do have keychain commissions open. They're 20-35 dollars each depending on complexity.

Tags: custom, plush, sales, volcarona
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