koujakai (koujakai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection weeding and very rare items for sale!

Hello pkmncollectors~
Offers on a couple rare items of mine weren't going well, so instead they've been put up for direct sale in my sales post cheaper than their original BIN price! Tons of collection weeding as well, especially of Cubone and the Dragonite line. On top of all that, prices on remaining items have been significantly lowered. Oi, plane tickets are expensive! - n-

I also have a lot of Kids up on eBay that ends tomorrow. Click the picture to be taken to the listing!

As always, thanks for looking. <3
Tags: articuno, charmander, chikorita, cubone, cyndaquil, dragonite, dratini, eevee, entei, growlithe, kids, lugia, mew, moltres, nidoran, nidorino, pikachu, raichu, raikou, sales, suicune, totodile, zapdos
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