drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

birthday type-focus gets, a custom, an update, sales.

hi everyone~ today is my birthday! so i decided to do a collection update and a tiny bit of a re-intro. xD

Everyone calls me Herar! I am now 20 years old. :3 I'm from Michigan (the upper peninsula that no one's heard of.). I collect Groudons, Sewaddle, Swadloon (especially), Leavanny, Vanillite, and random plush. I previously collected Kyogre, Munchlax, Drifloon, and some others. ^^;

First I wanted to share what I got in the mail yesterday~! type focus goodies. ;u;
warning: image heavy post ahead

am i the only person who likes keeping PokeCen bags? x3


everything looks super cute! I'm glad i got so much of it~!
placetohide was very kind to get everything for me, and to make sure everything i got had lots of Sewaddles or Sewaddles in the middle ;u;

first, bags.

Multicase (which i use as a wallet xD)
travel bag (yessss i had to get atleast one water/ice thing)
and spa bag
and the


i regret not getting Lilligant, but i love these two. ;u;

Clearfile and the wash cloth~

unfortunately my clearfile got bent in the corners, but that's fine ;u;
the cloth is so soft!

the bath towel!

(i folded it to show the ends)
it's not too huge, but it's so cute and really soft too!

photo album!

so cute. must find pictures to put in it! xD

but that's all for my type foucs things! so much cute stuff, i am so in love with this promo ;u;

and next, a custom~!

it's staring into your soul ;u;

ahh! a custom Vanillite!
i made him myself as a birthday gift!

i am a textile artist, but i make hats and other things more than plush,
so he was a bit of practice.
i'm so proud of him!

size comparison to his Pokedoll, MPC and type focus mascot~

i so love my Vani's ;u;

aaaaaaand some other gets!

Togekiss pokedoll. ;u; despite Togekiss not being one of my favorite Pokemon,
it is my favorite pokedoll. so super cute!
i found one for cheap and i was SO HAPPY dslkajlkf

i love Sableye, too (Sableye was my first ever shiny :3)
so here's mine hanging out on my Swadloon's head. xD

Victini tomy, Whimsi pokedoll, mascot, among my other guys.
Axew is trying so hard to peek out over Whimsi's fluff!

nothing new here minus one figure,
but my update isn't complete without some groudons. xD
BUT i did move my plush to a shelf.
minus the big tomy.
he won't fit. D:

that's all for today!

i still have a bunch of kids and plush and things in my sales
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