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Lillipup merch?

I recently lost a dear pet of mine who was around for three years. He was my baby, and he was really young. He was a Yorkie, his name was Gizmo, and he was the sweetest thing ever. He would always be there for you, he'd lick away your tears when you cried (literally), he was SUPER lovey, he was one of the most precious animals I've ever had. But he started to play with this other dog that the neighbors own and she was in heat. So whenever Gizmo was let out to use the bathroom, he followed the other dog. I haven't seen him since. :c This happened on the 17th of December. I posted lost dog signs around the area, I submitted an ad in my local paper, I even went to Craigslist.
So to commemorate him, I've decided to have a Lillipup on my Black team and I'm thinking about getting some Lillipup merch. I'd eventually love a plush<3
Is anyone selling any Lillipup stuff at this time?
A kid or strap, perhaps? ;o;

Also, I'd be interested in trading with people on my Pokemon White! (: Anyone want to swap friend codes? I'm looking for a shiny Lillipup!
On another note, I'm interested in people's non-Pokemon sales. So if you could send a message my way or a comment with a link to your post, that'd be great. c:
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