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auctions/sales reminder and bento erasers/metal figs GA invoice!

Hi guys! My offers/auctions will be ending on Friday - go check them out if you haven't already! Pretty much all of the dome figures (including trainers and Mew and Vulpix and other cool guys!) and the Absol mascot plush among other things are still at their starting prices! You're also absolutely welcome to combine shipping with anything from my sales post here. C:

Also, the bento erasers/metal figs GA invoice is in! Check under the cut for payment info and whatnot!

Participants in the bento eraser half of the GA owe $5.41 if you're in the US or $5.46 if you're international for the first payment. Send payments to becky_1229[at] and mention who you are in the note!
Oshawott/Darmanitan: tamago226
Minccino/Scraggy: shirohikarikaze
Axew/Munna: berugii
Snivy: dinictis
Tepig: crasherwake
Audino/Sewaddle: happyparasol

And the payments owed for all two of you metal figures participants-
Audino: fiztheancient $7.52 within the US or $7.60 international
Samurott: crimson_angel02 $5.46 US or $5.52 international to becky_1229[at]!

We got all of the erasers claimed, but several metal figures and coins are still left over - Axew, Pignite, and Munna figures, and Krokorok and Pikachu coins are still up for grabs, and you're welcome to jump into the GB late!  Figures will be about $7.50 and coins $5.50 to claim for the first payment C:
Tags: axew, group auction, krokorok, krookodile, munna, payments, pignite, sales
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