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BW swing figures? And a lot of cards for sale...

Hey guys, question.  Does anybody here have any idea what happened to the BW swing straps?

From what AAPF said in one post, these were supposed to be released around the end of January, but I've only ever seen one set of these on Y!J. Did they make a screw up and say January, but was supposed to be the end of February or what? Thanks for the info guys! So they're coming out in a few days or so. :)

Also, I recently bought me some packs of Next Destinies (12 to be exact), between the 8th & the 14th of February. Unfortunately, I did not pull any EXs, secret rares or anything like that, but I did pull one card I wanted:

The Reshiram rare. :)

So, as I am not interested in any of the other cards I had pulled, I put them into a lot with other cards I pulled from other packs (8 Emerging Powers packs from the Reshiram & Zekrom Box, and 2 Noble Victories packs I bought, in all with the Next Destinies packs would be 22 packs) and will be up for sale.

Holos & Reverse Holo Trainer cards (All are sleeved and top-loaded already):

Reverse Holos (All are sleeved already):

Stack of Commons, Uncommons, Rares & Trainer cards:

Code cards (about 21):

There are about 219 cards in all (minus the code cards, which there are about 21 of those). I'm looking for about $25 shipped for all of these (considering I paid about $80+ for all of these originally), the lot is going for $15-18 shipped. Just take them away please! XD They've been sold, thanks guys! :)

Thanks for looking! :)
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