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Larvitarscar in Japan!

Hi community! It has certainly been a while!

I have been on hiatus for a bit as I am currently abroad on an overseas exchange programme, but I managed to take some time off to have my mid-term vacation in Japan. In fact, I'm currently seated in my hotel room typing this! It is my second time in Japan (I was last here in December) but this time I managed to pillage the streets more successfully this time for some nice merch.

I won't bore you with too much text, and would just let you enjoy pictures of the merch and food I have bought hence far. It's a photo post, so be warned - heavy images ahoy! Here's a preview...

Flavoured milk, the Pokemon Pan that nets the popular Pan stickers, and a bag of Stunfisk senbei. They are surprisingly delicious, and the Pan comes in so many flavours, from strawberry to strawberry donut. The senbei's a bit hard though, had better Pokemon Center senbei. Speaking of Stunfisk, I was contemplating getting the Stunfisk cushion and/or floormat when I saw them at the Pokemon Center but collecting him is way too hard with all the gazillion items of him on sale now!

My MPC and miscellaneous plush collection (think some Tomys and Type-Focus stuff are inside too). My two large 'I Love Pikachu' are not pictured, though. Yes, I'm addicted to those prize machines!!

For those who know me, I am a massive Piplup collector, and am dead pleased that I finally managed to find the game pre-order figure, Sinnoh starter zukan and other Plup Pez I'm missing that have been eluding me for the longest time.

I have never been an actual Gyarados collector, but interesting Gyarados merch kept flying at me that I just decided to get them anyway. I have actually never seen the Water Banpresto set before apart from once on SMJ (the Fire Banpresto set is now more or less ubiquitous and I have sold some pieces from that set myself) and I must say, I daren't even open it for fear of damaging them. The Milotic and Lapras in particular are gorgeous pieces. The others are nice items I could not resist getting.

CLEAR SLEEPING PACHIRISU. Pachirisu is another one of my main lines and my heart literally skipped a beat when I came across this rare item. I have the non-clear variant and wanted the clear one so bad when xxxliljamesxxx first posted about it on his wants post. I'm a Marill/bird collector as well, and was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon related merch.

I don't collect any of the above Pokemon, but when I saw these can badges I snatched them up like lightning. That Absol can badge in particular is amazeballs - I never appreciated Absol before but this cute pose on Absol is irresistible (yeah, it's a recurring trend with me, I find it hard to resist cute and nice-looking items XD).

These charms may be relatively cheap on their own singularly, but they sure hurt my wallet cumulatively-speaking. Plus, I bought a few sets for my friends back home as souvenirs so yeah, ouch! Still looking forward to this Saturday's final wave although that's more money growing wings, hope I don't die in the stampede...

More merchandise, mainly from the Pokemon Center! The Larvitar notepad is the main exception, it was yet another random lucky find. =D

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the pictures. Larvitarscar from Japan, signing out!
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