gengareric (gengareric) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll collection update Auction/ sales reminder and a is it legit question?

The actions for the plush is ending in 6 days and most everything has no bids click here or the picture to go to the auction

my pokedoll collection before I joined the community

my pokedoll collection after the community except Palkia, Darkrai, Lickylicky, Deoxys, and Entei
the most I payed for a plush is 11$ for deoxys a majority of these I got for a little less than 2$ including Natu, shadow lugia, original release Japanese Lugia and the first release USA evolutions excluding flareon who i got for 9$ and is a rerelease
Also in the auction I have my extra Lugia and Groudon Pokedolls for sale

One of my questions is about the authenticity of my second Latias 

My final question is I would like some feedback on my custom dragonite I made and maybe taking commissions on other crystal sprite pokemon

Tags: collection, plush
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