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hot damn look at this custom

So I was browsing Tumblr's Mewtwo tag (as usual) the other day, and came across a blog that makes and sells custom Pokemon sculptures...

Isn't it beautiful? :D And the funny thing is, it's made out of chopped-up soda cans! XD I love how he looks like something straight out of the Jhonen Vasquez universe, like Mewtwo if he had been a character on Invader Zim :3

From behind:

From the side:

He's so unique and awesome! If you're interested, the blog is called pokecans and the admin is very nice. However, they only accept concealed cash (the owner doesn't use Paypal), so I don't know how many of you would be willing to send $10-15 through the mail (mine was $14 with shipping). But the owner does commissions, and I felt $15 is pretty cheap for such a weird, cute piece (he's about 7 inches tall, by the way).

That's all for today! Well, except for one more thing - I'm looking for a Mewtwo minicot figure if anyone has one! It's so cute I can't believe I don't own one yet. (Okay, now I'm done :P).
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