DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Legendary Dog Collection Update! *will add some sales/auctions later*

First up is the Update

Mr. Grump Face (Thank You Shaggy Griffon!)

So first up this is where my collection started:

I've got the plush all together now! Just picked up the Lottery Entei today from Shaggy Griffon :D It was a lovely day and it was so nice to finally meet another person from the community!

I have all the Raikou's and missing only 2 Entei's and 2 Suicune's! (Minus their Giants and Entei's finger puppet <---don't consider that a plush)
Now on to the figures:

My Doggie Shelf. I don't think I've gotten any new Raikous but here's some close ups <3

And finally the cards (now that I'm at school I realized I forgot to add in their pokedex pages that you can kinda see in the above suicune picture -_-)

Now adding sales and auctions

I'm auctioning off my clear kids and straight sale on regular kids.
sales permission granted by denkimouse August 18 2011
feedbacks here:
The Super kid GA is here BUT since the majority of you also got things from the truxor kid GB, the deal is, I got an e-check for the biggest payment and it doesn't clear until the 28th of February. You are more than welcome to wait and combine shipping OR pay 2 separate shipping charges. It's up to you (I'm open to taking pictures for you if you are interested). Anyways on to the sales:

All community rules apply and shipping is not included unless otherwise stated.
The auction for the clear kids ends March 1, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST
No sniping (anyone who bids right before the five minute mark is also considered a snipe! and will extend the auction another 5 minutes.)

All of them start at $5 except weepinbell, he starts at $3

These kids are for straight sale for $3.50
SOLD: Venasaur

These kids are all $2 eaach

Pikachu lot $10 shipped or best offer (best offers will not include shipping) Few booties but other than that there's a mini playset figure, keychains, rollers, power bouncer, raichu keychain, jakks, ring, talking pika (batteries not included) Raichu from Burger King (missing tail)

Psyduck squirter and talking meowth (missing tail and I'm unsure if it will still talk) $2 for both or $2 each when separated.
Tags: cards, collection, entei, figures, kids, plush, raikou, sales, suicune
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