JujuFox (jujufox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Old TCG cards!

My husband was digging around a box of old Star Wars cards to find his Magic the Gathering decks when he came across something I though was pretty cool! I was hoping someone can take a look at this set and give me come insight as to whether this is a 1st edition set?

I collect TCG cards because I like the Pokemon and artwork, but he had once dabbled in the game and has a base set. So I don't know much about these cards, and he doesn't remember ANYTHING about them either, so I was wondering if the TCG experts could take a look at these cards and let me know if I got something special here?

The confusing thing for me is that he told me he thinks he bought this set all together. So, we know they are all shadowless, but the only card to have the "1st Edition" stamp on the left of the description is the Machamp holo card. Why don't all the cards have this 1st edition stamp? Is this the second printing or what? I'd love to know more about these, but it is a bit confusing that just one has the stamp and the rest don't.

Oh and check out Gengar! My husband bought it because he loves the ghosties, and yes it is most definitely a bootie.

I swear I didn't Photoshop this! Gengar actually emits an evil aura. >__>
Tags: cards, gengar, machamp
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