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Still Looking for N Dot Sprite Pin + Small Collection Updatestory

Just so you guys know how my quest for the N Dot Sprite pin is going, I got my Sunyshore package with another 5 pins. In order, I got: Archeops, Archeops, Archeops, Sawk, and Hilbert. I then proceeded to drink some orange Fanta.

So if anyone has an N Dot Sprite pin they're willing to part with, please let me know! :D

So that this post isn't just another "wants" post, I'm here to share more info on N merch (since I haven't seen a post like this yet). If anyone is on the fence about getting the N Dot Sprite note are some extra pics!

First you have it closed, and then...


The papers rotate between N (in different "poses") and various members of his final team (Reshiram, Zekrom, Vanilluxe, Klinklang, Zoroark).

And to finish this post, a touching story: at my college, we have to have our IDs everywhere. Without them, we can't buy food, we can't get on the buses, we can't get in the building or in the how can I keep my ID on me, while having it easily accessible and still looking stylish? The answer? Use a Pokemon. And if that don't work...USE MORE OBVIOUS POKEMON.

Bus Driver: May I see your ID please?

Me: -pulls out Stunfisk-

Bus Driver: o_o

Thanks for looking, everyone! :D

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