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Umbreon Offers Reminder! + Custom Slots!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Permanent Sales

Your one and only reminder that I have this 2004 Velboa Umbreon with a free ATC up for offers!

Click to teleport!

Also, if you like the ATC I decided to take 5 slots here!

$5 ATC! 2.5" x 3.5"
gallery for more examples

* Price does not include s/h
* Trainers & Gijinka (or special markings/colors & accessories etc) are also permitted
* You can get up to 3 ATCs per slot (with a $2 discount!)
* You can get up to 3 characters per card at an additional cost.
* You can ask for specific pose/style/bg but I can't guarantee it's what will come out ^^;
* You can opt out of a background if you want it cut out and laminated for an extra $1
* Might be open for trades (customs or official) just ask!
* Most likely all will mailed by Feb 28

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open

Also selling this Latias vs card! Looking for $35 shipped OBO (not looking to trade this, sorry!)
Is Zoroark and Legendary Pokemon really selling at $30+ now? Is anyone interested in buying it for $25 or so? ^^;

Also the other day these guys came!

Just when I had given up hope on ever finding a Lotad plush, dezchu had the hasbro one for sale! 8D I never really liked this one but it's much cuter in person! One day I shall own the gotta dance one though /determined/!
Also got Sableye from her, so cuuuuuuute.
Kids and Lotad squirter are from herar :D!
Cant get enough lotad *_*

also due to seyera's post I took a look through my collection for error cards

Also a question! Am I the only one who has hard time deciding what to buy next? I often find myself prioritizing things but then when they pop up I cant decide if I should get them or I'll pass on a lower want and then be all OMG I WANT IT RIGHT NOW only to find it's sold and doesnt popup again lol. So how do you guys decide what to get next? Just what happens to pop up for a good price first or do you hold out til something special pops up? :D I've been trying really hard to hold out for Karrablast MPC and Whimsicott pokedoll as I think they're my top wants right now (not counting the plush that are so rare I never see them for sale...)
Sometime I feel like I should put my wants in a hat and pick one out and seek that item first LOL

Seeking a $13ish Karrablast mpc or $15ish Whimsicott pokedoll still! Or $4ish Cottonee & Whimsi kids (preferably together or atleast bought with something else). I know these prices are wishful thinking but I am open to trade/partial trades XD;

Thanks guy! Have a wonderful week/day/evening etc :D
Tags: absol, cottonee, karrablast, lotad, sableye, sales, shuppet, umbreon, whimsicott
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