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You asked for change, you got it!!  Without further ado, I introduce to you...

(artwork by the lovely dewott)

Our current banner is beautiful but we've had it for over a year now - and we're calling on our talented members to design a new one :D

Here are the deets, PLEASE READ THEM ALL!!  Then read them again!  Any entries that do not follow the rules will be screened and disqualified :(

★ Banners must contain MERCHANDISE EXCLUSIVELY!!  No drawings or artwork please, this isn't an art contest!!  This time we will allow artwork OF merchandise, but this is a very narrow exception and we vastly prefer photos.  If you decide to use merchandise artwork, you MUST draw it yourself - no using art without the artist's permission.

★ Banners must be 800x235 pixels - this is wider than our current banner, please keep that in mind.

★ Banners must be simple and contain our tagline - Nothing too crazy or crowded please!!  Our tagline is "PKMNCollectors @ Livejournal. Buy. Sell. Trade. Brag."  Feel free to punctuate that as you see fit, but remember to include it :)

★ Banners should contain a VARIETY of Pokemon!!  You can choose a theme if you'd like (some suggestions are Pokemon type, Pokemon Center promotions, etc.) but please don't only include "popular" Pokemon.  A random smattering is best!!  Also, if you choose a theme, please keep in mind that the banner will be displayed for probably at least a few months.  We haven't quite decided how often to change it yet but a holiday or seasonal banner probably wouldn't be appropriate this time around.


To enter, please post your banner in .JPG or .PNG form in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW.  Either a link or the image itself is fine.  Please do not make an entry to the community with your banner, such posts will be deleted.

Multiple entries per person are fine (but please put full effort into each banner and don't spam the contest page!)

You have until April 1st APRIL 10TH (in whatever country you're located) to submit your banners, and then we will vote on ALL banners!  The winner will have their banner featured on the community as well as be credited on the community profile :D

**The winner will also get a Pokedoll (or item of equal value) currently in stock at the Pokecen!!**

If you want to see what members have created in the past, check out our 2010 CONTEST HERE to see the old entries.

Thanks for reading and please comment with any questions you may have~!
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