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Small (in terms of item size...not value..XD) wants post :) + update on ginormous GA

Hey guys,

Recently I have been sucked into the world of TCG, and being an eeveelution collector, of course the first thing I am going with are eeveelutions. So if you have any of these cards, please let me know and your asking price.

The main cards I am looking for the Shining eeveelutions, but if you have other eeveelutions--including eevee (holo/reverse holo), do let me know.

Below is a list of all of the cards I still need (of the cards that I know about): For the early sets, I dont know if there is holo/reverse holo for some of them. But if there is, I only want the holo/RH

Jungle 51/64
Team Rocket 55/82
Gym Challenge 51.132
New Discover 38/75
Promo 11
Skyridge 54/144 RH
Delta 68/113 RH
Delta 69/113 RH
POP3 13/17
Melee 17/16 (I dont know if there is holo or RH, but if there is, I want the holo/RH)

Jungle 3/64 Holo
Team Rocket 35/82
New Destiny 46/105
Skyridge 8/144 Holo and RH
Sandstorm 5/100 Holo and RH
Unseen Forces 5/115 Holo
Delta 5/113 RH
Delta ex 108/113
Pop3 2/17 Holo
Majestic Dawn 19/100 Holo
Rising Rivals 19/111 Holo
Vs 89/141

Jungle 4/64 Holo
Team Rocket 38/82
Gym Challenge 28/132 Holo?
New Destiny 48/105
Skyridge 13/144 Holo and RH
Sandstorm 6/100 Holo and RH
Unseen Forces 8/115 RH
Delta 7/113 Holo and RH
Delta ex 109/113
Pop3 3/17
Majestic Dawn 23/100 Holo
Rising Rival 26/111 Holo
Jolteon STAR

Team Rocket 45/82
New Destiny 52/105
Skyridge 33/144 Holo
Sandstorm 25/100 Holo
Unseen forces 19/115 RH
Delta 18/113 Holo and RH
Delta ex 110/113
POP3 6/17
Majestic Dawn 34/100 Holo
Rising Rival 34/111 Holo and RH
Vaporeon STAR

New Destiny 4/105 Holo?
Aquapolis 11/147 Holo and RH
Sandstorm 16/100 HOlo
Unseen Forces 102/115 Holo and RH
Delta 4/113 Holo and RH
Majestic Dawn 18/100 Holo and RH
Rising Rival 18/111 Holo
Undaunted 81/90 Holo and RH
Call of legends 4/95 RH
vs 56/141
Neo discovery 1/75 holo
Neo discovery 20/75 holo
Vs 76/141
5th Movie 7/18
Espeon STAR

Aquapolis 41/147 Holo and RH
Skyridge 32/144 Holo and RH
Sandstorm 24/100 HOlo
Unseen Forces 112/115 Holo and RH
Majestic Dawn 32/100 HOlo
Undaunted 10/90 RH
Undaunted 86/90
vs 91/141
New Discovery 13/75 holo
neo discovery 32/75 holo
P promo 25/47
Umbreon STAR

Majestic Dawn 5/100 RH
Majestic Dawn 20/100 Holo
Rising Rival 41/111 Holo
lvl x 98/100

Rising Rival 45/111
Undaunted 17/90 RH
Call of legend 13/95 RH
lvl x. 99/100


Next thing on the agenda is the enormous GA, paypal has been very buggy for Spideyroxas, and he is unable to pay for the GA just through the money in the paypal account. So he has to transfer the money to him bank before he can make the payment (which takes a couple of days). So just keeping oyu guys updated/in the loop of things.

Once the Spideyroxas receives the items and such, I will post a thread on here with payment #2.

Tags: cards, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, group auction, jolteon, leafeon, umbreon, vaporeon
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