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So I went to check the mail today, and found that the one box I was waiting for wasn't alone (thanks God because I was worried about one of the companion cubes boxes not arriving yet)

For this unboxing, I will be accompanied by my always loyal cyndaquil pokedoll "Cynda"

There's Cynda smelling packages

Cynda: This one has a ton of parfume on it
Me: Really? wanna open it first?
Cynda: not sure, lets see them all first
Me: OK
Cynda: Crackers?
Me: seems like somebody knew I like crackers xD
Me: So what's your choice?
Cynda: The big box looks interesting
Me: Wanna open it?
Cynda: Plz let me see it a little closer
Me: Sure
Cynda: Seems that it is from Germany. Can you open it plz?
Voice: HILFE!!!! ES IST DUNKEL HIER!!!! (help me!! is dark in here!!)
Cynda: EEEEK!! what was that?
Voice: WER IST DAS??? (who is that?)
Cynda: Open it plz!! he is really scared and is scaring me!!
Me: OK
Voice (sounding trembly and scared): Hilfe?? Bitte?? (Help?? Please??)
Cynda: Quick! open the shoe box!!
Me: OK
Cynda: here, here! its fine!! (I hope you understand)
Voice: you shhpeak engrish?
Cynda: yeah... oh you are a...
Cynda: plz somebody help me, I got flipped
Terrakion: You ok there?
Cynda: NO!! I'm on my back
Terrakion: Let me help you. I'm so glad im thru with this hell... such a lange (long) trip
Me: If its not my custom terrakion plush!! :D :D
Cynda: That scared me!! Can I get sum crackers plz?
Me: Lets check that because I didnt order crackers online
Cynda: O___O why would you?
Me: exactly 
Cynda: Weird! doesnt smell like crackers!!
*electricity sounds inside*
Cynda: Did you order a robot? because it sounds like there is one that blew to pieces inside
Me: let me see that
Cynda: I see where the electricity comes from... I'm not going to close
Me: See what it is?
Cynda: a bit... some electricity flying all over the place
Me: Let me see
Me: Think thats the source of all the electricity
Zapdos: mmm help me plz? i cant breathe on this ziplock bag
Cynda: Let me help ya'
Zapdos: thanks
Zapdos: Thanks cyndaquil it was hard to breathe inside
Cynda: No problem... hhhhmmmm... did you eat all the crackers?
Zapdos: yeah, they were my feed for the trip. Sorry, I was hungry
Cynda: its ok :)
Me: Cynda ready for #3? and zapdos, welcome to your new home! we're happy you're here!
Zapdos: no problem! Can't wait to see where I'll live
Cynda: Now #3... I smell something close to me
Me: Ok, go for it
Cynda: can't! dont know hyperfang xD
Me: ok, let me open it :)
Cynda: A MUMMY?
"Mummy": No
Charmander: I could have had more fun if I had said that I was a mummy!! xD (Una momia!!)
Cynda: YAY!! Another fire type!!
Charmander: Yessir
Me: Hey guys, what about a group shot?
All: YAY!!

   And that's the unboxing for you all :D Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it :D and please remember    

I Still have tons of cards for sale that start in 15 and 20 cents each!!
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