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Ghost Pokemon LOVE Spaghetti! [Package]

   Walls don't mean much to me!
Got my package today from ebay! I was so excited, been waiting about week for this! Also I got my Duskull from dezch beginning of the week. I love him!! He is the first Ghostie in my Collection, I have decedied collect Ghosites! :D So I was making my Lunch, and got a package! Duskull got mad of course because he was hungry and wanted some of my spaghetti! My duskull has an addiction to spaghetti, that is all he will eat, He stole my spaghetti one day and hes never been the same -_-"

Welcome to my first Package opening on Pkmncollections :3, I'm going to have Duskull host this package opening, I promised him spaghetti if he did. Sorry if this is a lame or boring opening but its my first one :3

What ever is in here I highly doubt it is more important then Spaghetti. you're just going to be disappointed...Anyways, We order a package from ebay about a week ago and the package finally came. I think we got a pretty good deal on it to. Anyways lets open this thing up!

Alright, lets see, there is a Pikachu,Pikachu,Psyduck, Poliwhirl, Poliwhirl, I'm done now right? I can have the spaghetti now? No? I have to show whats inside? Gahhh Okay, Lets take a look inside and see what else we bought. 

Woo! There! All out now! and I got a new Ghost Friend! I hope he likes spaghetti too! The Blastoies looks really fuzzy and he is :D

And here is a picture of me and my new friend :D Now I finally have a ghost buddy! Also Looks like we got a surprise with this auction! I thought it was only for the Plush but it looks like I missed or the seller was nice and added them to the auction. And the extra item is....

These are pretty cool, They're key chains that light up when you shake them. :D

[Does anyone know what these are called, or know if there is a Charmander one?]

That is all that was in the package. Thank you for reading. Now its time to eat my spaghettiNNOM NOM NOM NOM Spaghetti! Now I have two Spaghetti Loving ghost in my collection, everyone knows Ghost Pokemon  love Spaghetti..well atlest mine do. 

Thank you for reading everyone! Me and duskull are expecting more packages from the Community some time next week, I'm very excited, and glad I joined such an amazing Community. I look forward to my future here :D 

Tags: blastoise, charizard, collection, duskull, figures, gengar, meowth, pikachu, plush, poliwhirl, psyduck, togepi, torchic
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