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Please-please-please let me know if you have not received your things from my last sales post. I know fernchu, penanna, keisuro, and gamecubegirl are some of the people who bought from me off the top of my head.

I finally discovered what happened to the missing packages, and then my grandmother fell and cracked her spine and so I've been at the hospital for most of the week with hardly any computer access. Since I've been there, I couldn't inform any of the buyers who let me know they hadn't gotten theirs. I'll be able to check back later tonight to get addresses and such and have your things mailed off tomorrow.

I mailed off the packages using my college's mailing system, but they never got past that room. The guy who was working there found out that the college was cancelling the postal service in favor of using the new post office across the street, and the guy was pissed he would no longer have a job. So he just sort of left all mail in the back room and never actually sent it off in a form of weird rebellion. A lot of people other than myself are really angry at this guy, and I'm pretty sure he got expelled (if not arrested).

Anyway, all of them were returned to me and I can send them off once again. I just want to make sure that I do have everyone's things since I don't remember how many I sent off to begin with. I'll need to buy all-new envelopes and postage (because he put a huge X over everything to make it impossible to send), but I'll do it out of my own pocket because it isn't any fault of yours. I'm just so very sorry they haven't reached any of you yet and hope you can forgive me. *bow*

Please let me know if you need an address change! I know some of you are in school/college/university now, but might not be by the time the package arrives. You can send any changes to bscyther at hotmail dot com. I want to make sure you get your items!
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