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collection update, oh joy

The last I shared my collection was a little over a month ago, over here, and at the time I only had my completed Slowking plush collection and a single Swadloon. My collection as grown since then. +_+d

Please forgive me for the dark, blurry pictures. I know that with terrible quality I shouldn't bother sharing at all, but I can't help itttttt.

And then Swadloon was swarmed by an army of Sewaddle. Balance? Blasphemy.

(Sadly, that is not the same Sewaddle kid carriesagun sent me, as that seems to have gotten lost in the mail (or is just hella late), but I found another and quickly grabbed that! ILU CARRIESAGUN I hope the Sewaddle kid finds itself somewhere nice eventually. :(d )

The second and last half of the collection! That golden coin is actually a Sewaddle coin; I would zoom in, but my cellphone renders close-ups INCREDIBLY blurry, so let's not bother. To think, I'm still waiting on a few things, including the charms when they're released. Goodness.

One of these days I'll find a better way to display them in their little box shelves, but for now this will do. :Da

Unrelated to Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny is SOMETHING I FOUND AT WAL-MART!! It was the ONLY Pokemon item I could find there (not surprising, sadly), and I grabbed it. The love ball goes well with my lovely pink stuff, but at this rate I'm going to have to give that compartment to the Sewaddle line collection instead... The coin there is actually a Scolipede coin that I have for some reason, idk man, it came with the Sewaddle coin. Scolipede is totes qt enough to hang with the Sanrio gang, yes?

I have a lot of Pokemon roller stamps (I COLLECT THOSE, TOO, APPARENTLY, it was an accident...) and more Slowpoke stuff, too, but I'll share those at a later time since I'm still in the process of receiving and organizing that. Maybe I'll have a wants list by then, because there are still quite a few roller stamps I'm after!

THANK YOU FOR LOOKING wow I rambled like... wow. ;;d
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