roxyryoko (roxyryoko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Suggestion About Being Accused of False Selling on Ebay

If I'm not allowed to post this, I'll delete it.

But I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about a problem I am having.

I sold these two Hasbro Electronic figures on ebay a few weeks ago:

I never took them out of the box and had gotten them as part of a set on ebay and only kept Eevee. To me they always looked new and clean.

But the buyer sent me a message, rudely calling me a liar and saying they were used and damaged:

"Used and stuffed back into the box does not equal new! The Pikachu is dirty and the motion plate is loose.. sure signs of a USED toy. The Jigglypuff is clean enough but the battery compartment is ruined from battery acid. Again sure signs of a used toy. I should say abused toy. "

I wrote back saying that they were new to the best of my knowledge. But isn't it possible that the battery compartment is ruined because it's a 10+ year old toy and the batteries came inside the toy? I remember playing with these toys in the store.

I can't say that this person is lying, but to my knowledge they looked clean. I had sold some of the other toys from the set here and no one said they were damaged or used looking. : (

I don't really know what to do, so if anyone has suggestions. They didn't leave me feedback or anything and just sent the message.
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