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funny/strange tcg pulls stories

Yup! It's storytime again! I'm not sure how many replies/stories I'll get for this, but I'm sure there's some people that have experienced some sort of oddity in their tcg-pulling days :p Anyways, today I got a couple.. interesting pulls in a row... (and I'm curious to know if anyone have had something similar that has happened).

So, I finally bought the boxset that comes with the Zekrom bottlecap. I've already bought so many blisters and boxsets of Emerging Powers by now, so I don't have too many missing cards from the set. I know I had REALLY good luck with the B&W base set by getting full art cards, but this time...

So, I open a pack up to get... a Beartic holo! How disappointing though... I already have one of these, in fact, I have two already because one's for sale. -_- 3 Beartics and none of the other holos I'm actually missing... Ok, open up the next pack... "You MUST be kidding me!" I said outloud. A holo Braviary. ...I already have one of these... in fact, I have TWO of these, since the other is in my shop. Just... like... Beartic...

No fair!!! There's a good number of holos, and I keep getting TRIPLES of the same TWO CARDS?! What happened to my full art card luck from before? :( Another similar story from Noble Victories: when opening up several packs I pull: a holo and reverse holo Landarus in two different packs, AND a holo and reverse holo Terrakion in another two packs... -_-;;; I don't understand...


....anyone else have any stories like this? (and as a second question, anyone want to buy a Braviary or Beartic holo? I have two of each.... -________-)
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