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Collection post!

Hello! I've been here for awhile but could never show my collection due to lack of a camera. I still don't have one, but I decided to take pictures with my cellphone, so the pictures are crappy, sorry. I'll take better ones when I can!

Now, on to the collection! :]

I'm also waiting on stuff in the mail but I'll update once they get here :]

Let's start with

My eevee plushes :D

The evolution plushes!! They need to make mooooore

My figures. You can't see them very well cause my camera sucks but if you want better pics I can take them :]

Pokekids!! I love them :D

My zukans!! How I love them so :] I'm so happy I finally have all three.
The eevee on the espe/umbre zukan fell when my boyfriend poked it. I'll probably find it when we move.
I want the eevee egg zukan D:

These are things I keep in their packages XD I'm that kind of collector lol

Onto the cards 8D This is what I keep them in, one is new *in package* and the other I got wayyy back when pokemon was all the rage. I put a flareon sticker on it, cause I had all the eevee stickers like that and I had two flareon ones. and lost the others. lol

Boxes/decks with my cuties on them

This is where the crappy photos make me sad. Oh well, if there's two of the same card next to each other it's cause I have the english and japanese, or that one is holo and the other isn't.

other cards and things XD

My eevee drawings from everyone!! :D I love them! I keep all of them :]

And lastly, my other pokemon things that found their way into my home. I forgot to put the eevee with the figures cause I keep him on another shelf cause he's too big.

And that's that. :D Any questions don't mind to ask!
I'm waiting on stuff in the mail and once I get them I'll have a sale post!

Also, if you want to see my wanted list.

& if anyone cared to know what I look like;
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