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I love kids! and gets

Yup, kids. Especially the small 2'' plastic ones! I bid and won a lot of kids a while ago and I just got them in the mail today, along with a ton of other goodies. Plush, chupas, stickers and charms!

Other than getting up at 630 for work with a sinus infection, it's been a pretty good day!

First up, here are my kids in plastic bags. Doesn't sound safe, does it? Better let em out then!

I took them out one by one and laid them on my tv stand. Tried my best to get them all in the picture. These photos aren't high quality, sorry. Camera broke so I had to use the camera on my ipad!

I only really bid on the lot for one or two figures, but since I adore these little guys so much, I just bought em all! Certanily my favorite things to collect :)

Hmm..Something's out of place here..

Here's the star of this post, my new Jolteon Canvas! No hang tag, but it doesn't bother me. Been wanting one for a while to be a companion to my Umbreon Noctis. Glad I was able to get him. Great quality as always.

Also included in my shipment was this pan sticker book I bought. Well, I believe they're pan. Here's just a few of the pages.

Today I learned that it's really hard to take pictures of a book with an ipad :L

Last things I got were an Umbreon and Espeon Chupa figures, and charms I had ordered from Brian. All very small but very detailed ^^

Wow, that's blurry..

And an unrelated get, also got my N7 tshirt for the ME3 release. Can't wait ^^

Thank you for looking. Hope to update again soon :) 
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