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And this is how my collection grows!

I got a box from my deputy this week, mostly of new Dialga things but with a few others! Nothing super grail-tastic in here, but a lot of little things I was excited to get. I thought it'd be fun to share it here and show how my Dialga collection has grown to its current size - a few new items at a time!

First up, some Dialga! Most images clickable for full size versions.

Dialga Bromide Cards

This box had a bunch of lots with one or two things I wanted (and hadn't yet found elsewhere). One of them a new Bromide card, and I also found another Bromide card on eBay, but held off on redoing the photo since I had already won this one. The newcomers are #58 and #621!

I know the ordering is off, I wasn't being super smart when I planned out the photos...but I already found an 11th one (goodness!) so I think when that one comes in I'll shop this one so that it's all in numerical order.

Dialga Marumiya 丸美屋 Cards

It looks like just another regular Dialga flat, but I was searching really hard trying to find one of these stickers! You only get one of them per food package, and the sets are pretty big (40-80) so it's hard to find the one you want, especially years after they're out of stores. I finally got the one on the right (still unpeeled, but I had to unpeel it!), and then just a few weeks later the one on the left showed up for auction! I do wonder how many more there are, and if they are all #5 in the set...

Dialga Pokemon Diamond Silhouette Stylus

I had a loose version of this stylus that showed up on Rakuten for a while, but now I found a second one new in package! It turns out that it's pretty similar to this cool stylus, and actually, it came in a lot with another of those. Like the other one, I'll keep it in the package, and now I know to add it to my Pokemon Diamond sub-collection.

Now that I have both a loose version of this stylus, and a new in package (but with the plastic stolen off by me) version of the other stylus, I'll be putting them both up for sale in a future post for you other Dialga fans to enjoy.

Dialga Ensky Nameplate Strap

According to the packaging (which the seller kindly included), this is part of a set of one blind-packed nameplate, a strap to hang it with, and 2 stickers. I guess the seller either wanted only the stickers, or wanted someone other than Dialga, because they put up the set for auction. I'm grateful that they did, instead of just throwing it away, because this is the first time I've seen it!

It was either punch the nameplate out of the packaging or stick it up as a flat somewhere, so I opted to de-package it and just save a photo of how it looked when I got it, and you can see that here. The package also has directions on how to tie the cord to the nameplate (which I did), and a suggested way to use it, which is kind of silly because it's so fragile it'd quickly get beaten up hanging up on a purse. (The material is like foam with paper on either side, just like those flat assembly-required standee things if you have any of those.) Oh, and if you're wondering why it's called a nameplate, there is a spot on the back where you're supposed to write your name, probably to identify the owner of whatever you hang it on!

Pokemon Dialga Soap Figures (2)

So, I got the DP 2 soap figure (the one on the right) from warking_chocobo a while ago, and it was pretty great! But then I spotted another one in a lot some months later, and it looked like it was in better condition (the other one is pretty scuffed up), and there were other cool soap figures in the lot like Starly and Ho-oh. So I bought the set and here he is!

Dialga Ensky 3D Retsuden Amada Stickers (6)

So, I have some Dialga Amada stickers, and this is a collection I'd really like to complete. At this point I think I might have all of the regular versions, but I know I'm missing at least one of the attack versions, and probably some more of the special ones. I bought a lot of over 1000 Amada stickers hoping for the missing Dialga, or maybe some missing Jolteon. I didn't get any, but there was a stack of about a dozen 3D Amada in there, including one new Dialga for me! I feel like I've found a few of these in the last several months, so maybe these are easier to complete than the regular Amadas now? Anyway, the newcomer is #107, in the top middle!

Dialga DP Cardboard Game Piece

I'd had an image saved of this one in my wants folder for quite a while after missing it in a sales post, and one day it showed up in my mailbox as a surprise gift from pacificpikachu! Thanks a bunch! ^_^

Dialga DP Paper Dominoes

These dominoes were a surprise from moguryuu, who told me they were from an Italian Easter basket set, of all things! I'm happy to welcome these obscure (and probably rare!) Dialga to my collection ^_^

Jolteon Pokemon Time Fanart Charm

Speaking of moguryuu, this adorable charm is also from her, of her Pokemon Time style art! I hope Jolteon gets an official Pokemon Time treatment as cute as this one someday!

Jolteon Pokemon Japanese Battle Dice

Rarer than additions to my Dialga collection are updates to my Jolteon collection! Hoping to further my Jolteon battle dice set, I bought one of these blind-packed sets. I lucked out and got one of the dice I needed (I think it's the cutest one, too!) and now I only need one more, the C die!

Pokemon Eevee Evolution Battle Dice

Here is the packaging they came in! I'm happy that I was able to further the collections of Vaporeon and Flareon collectors with the other two, it was a lucky pull!

Pokemon Dragon Type Stickers

So, this one I kind of bought on a whim. I had been seeking Marumiya stickers (those rectangular ones with the Pokeball in the background) for Dialga and the Hydreigon line, and I don't really collect stickers for any of these Pokemon...but the lot had that booklet with a big Iris and team sticker, and everything in here was so dragon-tastic, I went ahead and bought it anyway.

Pokemon Retsuden Amada Stickers</a>

The aforementioned lot of 1000+ Amada stickers came tightly bundled together, like this, but I already pulled a few packs off before I thought to take a picture. I also have bought several other huge lots of them, and am looking forward to updating my (now defunct) Amada sales post with lots of new additions!

Pokemon D/P Photo Album

I have TCG binders that house most of my Dialga (and Jolteon and hydra) flats, but there are some flats, like Bromide cards, that just don't fit. For those, I was looking for a bigger binder, and this Pokemon photo album fits the bill nicely! It's not officially part of my Dialga collection since it's more of a Dialga&Palkia item, but that's fine with me!
It's made of that thin plastic that all Pokemon albums ever seem to be made of (same thing as my pan sticker holders), and I didn't measure the pages but I'd guess they're for 3.5" x 5" photos, with 6 to a page.

Pokemon D/P Photo Album

Back (front?) view!

Pokemon D/P Photo Album

Size comparison with a standard sized Suicune phone strap (a little smaller than a Tomy MC). This album is huge!

Pokemon D/P Photo Album Inside

And here's the inside, before I started putting things in there. The first and last pages seem to be blank sheets, as if you can put a big piece of paper saying "Tanaka Family" or whatever in there.

I actually got this in a set of 2, so I'll put up the better condition one whenever I do my next auctions~

Pokemon Dialga Flat Items on Shelf

This isn't actually a new addition, but I've seen the question of 'how do you display your flat items?' asked here a few times, so I thought I'd share my new solution. For my plastic flats and ones that I don't think will be damaged by tape, I just put them up with either double-sided tape squares or regular tape, but I also have a lot of paper flats and I didn't want to tear a piece off the backing when I took it off the wall. So, I found these little photo corners that you can put on the corner of a (rectangular) flat item, and tape it to a wall or shelf without any tape touching the item itself. I don't really have the wall space to use this as much as I'd like, but I do enjoy using it on my shelves! This shelf in particular is my 'Pokemon Diamond' shelf, and since that's mostly 3D items there was a lot of space on the back and sides. Now I can put up this bookmark and handout without worry! ^_^

Pokemon Zoroark Attack Kids Figure

I bought way too many of the BW2 Attack kids and kept a bunch of them, including Zoroark's first attack Kid! She's using Night Daze, which is her (and Zoroa's) signature move. I do have her other kids, but I was just too lazy to bring them all over for a photo this time ^_^;

The other ones I kept for my collections in the set were Zekrom, Haxorus, Excadrill, and Emonga, and I'm also keeping Scolipede, Oshawott, and maybe some others just because they're cool!

Japanese Toy Box

It'd been a while since I bought boxes of Kids, so I'd forgotten about this and was amused to see it again. What is it? It's a suggestion for the retail store of where to display the item. The upper part is for adults, the bottom is for kids, the left is for boys and the right is for girls. So, the packaging suggests to put it on the bottom left, the little boy section, with a slight overlap to the girls' side. We all know this is Pokemon's primary intended market (even if we tend to forget it sometimes), but I just think it's funny because this community is pretty much the exact opposite of that suggestion!

Japanese Pokemon Tin and Food Items

I'd prepared most of the above photos when my fiancee came home with a slip for a missed package from Japan. (They don't knock, they just leave a note with passive aggressive messages on it in the mailbox...) I was wondering, what could it be? I'd already gotten my deputy box, my wave 3 charms couldn't possibly be here yet, and I was pretty sure the only other outstanding package I had from Japan wouldn't be marked this way.

So I went and picked up the box, and it turned out to be a food package from a friend in Japan, a total surprise! Wow!

The 2 Pokemon noodle cups (with hard to find stickers!) were separate, and everything else was inside the tin. There was also a pack of chocolate-filled puffy snacks, but I ate those before taking the picture. The rest are hard candies, gummies, and the big bag just says "Pokemon Snack" all over..I think maybe they're corn puffs or something? Haven't opened it yet.

Japanese Pokemon Tin and Food Items

More shots of the tin, since that's probably the most interesting thing to collectors! I like that they've got some obscure Pokemon like Maractus on there <3

Japanese Pokemon Tin and Food Items

The back has these cool bros on it.

Japanese Pokemon Tin and Food Items

And the other side has more obscure BW Pokemon, hooray!

Japanese Pokemon Gummies

I was curious if I might get an Excadrill in the gummy pack, so I opened it up...but it was almost all various poses of Pikachu >_> I did get this Oshawott, Victini (yellow and red) and Tepig though! I would offer them up for sale (hey, I'd love to get the Dialga gummy!) since these are pretty hard to get for obvious reasons, but knowing these gummies the odds that they'd arrive a pile of yellow or red gel are unfortunately high!

That's all the new items I have for today! I also updated them on my website, which you can see here:
Dialga FTW
If you want to see the Jolteon, there's a link on the left side, and if you want to see my hydras (which I didn't post here but did add some new items of), the easiest way is to click the link in my previous (December) update. If you don't get a last updated date of February 24th for the main page or any others, please refresh!

Thanks for looking!
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