milomilotic11 (milomilotic11) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hey community.
I knows theres a huge buzz about the new Zekrom and Reshiram Forms
I'm excited too :D

But, this entry is about my new gets :D
And its some good ones ;)

First off is my Clear Gastly Kid :D
I like this one allot because its my first Clear Kid :)

Well, I have no clue what kind if Figure this, but its defiantly a Squirtle
It seems like a Kid Figure, because its holo, but it doesn't have the engravings a regular kid does.
So, if anyone has any information on it please leave a comment C:

Next is Jakks Minccino.
My sister got this from her friend because he didn't like Minccino xD


Yes! It is a Milotic Kid!
I was so happy to get this in the mail today!
This figure was at the top of my wants list-Not any more:D
You guys know what this means...PHOTOMONTAGE!

This one is my favorite :D

Thanks for looking :)
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