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New Customs and Shipping Update

For those who have ordered from me, I have sent out the majority of the packages already. I will be avoiding updating my sales until I get them all out so they should all be shipped by Monday! I only have like 7 packages left. I would have sent them all but both times I held up a long line and felt really bad so I split it up. xAx

Also I decided to pick up drawing again and I have been doing art cards. For some reason I can only colour with markers and they are also the most expensive medium to work with ^ ^" But I made a few and was hoping for some feedback from the community. I am considering making custom hand drawn art cards and doing them for 5$ which includes fees and shipping and everything :)

If anyone is interested please just drop a comment! I will take a few (if there is interest at all) slots as kind of a trial run since I have never done art customs before.

I made a lot of mistakes on these which will be improved on. Sucks that once you make a mistake you're just kind of screwed with markers and pens. XD I was thinking that I could do certain styles, like the pattern backgrounds with thick lines (like Pika & Eevee), typography background with the Pokemon's name in jp/eng with thick lines (like Bisharp), and then an evolution card with evolutions on the corners and no lines or shading, super minimalist (like Wooper/Quagsire). I could think up of more styles but maybe keeping only a few options is simpler? I have no idea I'm just ranting XD Please shoot me your ideas and remember to just comment if youre interested. :)

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