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Fire pigs, lake sprites and god llamas - oh GETS!

Yay, it's been a while since I've made a post - thanks much in part for working on a costume commission and busy with working - but I have gotten a lot of great gets from the past couple of weeks that I'd like to share with you all!

Fair Warning: This post is very image-heavy... but it's also very cute, so it's a win-win. XD

[...WTF, it's a Pokeball!]

[Surprise, the Cleffa ["Fayette"] is actually a TOMY reversible Pokeball plush! This is my "There Will Be Plush" GA get! So that's why that zipper's there! Thanks, aleyina and pantherotter for running the GA!]

[Yay, it's my "Tepig x3" GA gets - mascot plushes of Victini and Tepig! Thanks, seyera and poliwhirl for running the GA!]

[My first MPC plush - an Autumn Deerling! Thanks, entirelycliched for running this GA!]

[And my gets from the "Ultimate GA" finally came in yesterday! Thanks, papaiyacoffee for threading and peeche00 for running and shipping this GA!

Purrrr~ Glameow is SO SOFT! I just want to put it on my lap and pet it... Hehe, I'm sure my own kitty would be jealous... And another Tepig! It's too adorable, that face. And Arceus too! Heheh... now I have to have a shot of the Lake Trio dog-piling er, sprite-piling? Arceus one of these days...]

[But there's more! My package from schenzi came in too! Yay, Canvas Mesprit [lovingly named "Emmy"]...]

[...and boxed Lake Trio kids! I opened the Mesprit one first... XD]

[And all of the plush gets together! Aren't they just adorable and cute?]

[Also thanks to shiningmew and truxor for these AWESOME pins and patches! The Lake Trio pin made me squee with glee. Now I need to find something to put all of my pins on for showing them off... anyone have any ideas?]

And some quick notes and thanks!
To aisarang: I forgot to take a picture of the stickers, but they did come in yesterday! I've already put a couple of them on my clipboard! Thank you so much!

To anyone I've bought from recently: If I haven't left you feedback yet and I've received your package, you should receive some feedback some time tomorrow! Again, thank you all so very much!

And now, here's some updated wants! [I'd love to buy, but I'm not at the moment. Gotta save for RL things right now... but I'm more than willing to trade! I have some TCG and other things that may be something you want - just ask and I'll see!]
  • Canvas Azelf [I have Uxie and Mesprit, but I'm still seeking out the last of the trio for less than 20$ shipped]
  • Uxie and Mesprit Attack Kids [I have Azelf''s and the regulars! Also, if anyone has any clear kids of the Lake Trio [if they exist?], I would love to see them~]
  • Jakks Uxie figure [Again, gotta complete the trio!]
  • Lake Trio zukan [Is now a GRAIL! Really, I am seeking this out~!]
  • Any other items featuring the Lake Trio [They are my main collection, so I'm willing to take anything that I don't already have! Customs would be loved too!], the Hoenn BF [I'm sure there's some stuff with the Battle Frontier out here, including a certain manga and Customs would be loved as well - people plush-makers, I'm totally looking for you so bad for a possible future commish.] and Tepig [Seeking out some other fire pig stuff! My sleepy plush GRAIL can wait a while longer...!]

And one last thing: it was a snowy day here last weekend [woah, we got 6 inches!], so have a snow shot I managed to snag of Mesprit and Tepig looking at their first snow. [I would have added more plush or done a photostory outdoors, but I was lazy and it was freezing! Next time, I promise!]

Enjoy and thanks for reading and looking!
- Juuchan
Tags: arceus, azelf, canvas, cleffa, deerling, glameow, kids, mesprit, plush, tepig, uxie, victini
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