RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

May/Haruka keychain and Torchic's May card

Hi hi!.

Long time ago I found this image from a site (I remember it was in a web page about May, 4 years ago):

It was interesting because I didn´t see figures from the human characters for years, so I begin to search it like crazy but I couldn´t finde it (somebody told me that wasn´t true and was a fake, I couldn´t believe it but I lost the hope due to I couldn´t find it).
When the May and Manaphy from 9th movie came out, somebody show me a link of a japanese blog where it was photos of the figure from the movie and of this figure too! and was a keychain that came with Torchic. So I started to search again but I couldn´t find nothing T_T.

And now the keychain came to my mind and I thought explain it to you and ask if anybody knows where to find it or something (I didn´t see it in Yahoo! japan, and I can´t buy there either)... May is my favourite character, and I´d love to have that keychain (I have the 9th movie figure, but I want the keychain too).

And other stuff of May/Haruka(And Torchic), look this card:

I saw this card on and later on eBay but I lost the auction and I couldn´t get it. I´ have all the Pokemon of May from the 8th movie deck, and I´d want to have this of Torchic, but I can´t find it on eBay.

Thanks in advance for the help ^^.
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