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Shoppe time!

Hiyo all ^-^!! I decided i needed to sell stuff xD i was going to do this a long time ago but i had some bad luck with the timing. Anyway! fear my doodle logo as Daisy my whismur shoppe worker of doom hosts my shoppe o.o~ Ill fancy it up later XD; make a new logo and all that too. Ill be makeing a customs post as well too including Coasters, Felt keychains, clay cheap :3. Anyone interested in custom Ds stylus for pokemon? i was thinking of making those but im not sure how popular they would be X3 let me know if your interested in that o.o~

So just my shoppe for now ill do my collection update soon 8D i got a lot of goodies plus waiting for a couple more things in the mail before i update also ^-^

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Granted sales permission on December 31st by [info]entirelycliched

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Thankies ^-^!
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