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oh yeah.


I am a little hesitant of calling certain very rare plushes grails because I am perfectly happy of only dreaming to own them some day. When they show up though, I would try to win them to the best of my ability. I do admit, I don't keep my hope levels too high to avoid massive disappointment. They will always show up next time, right?

Still, just in case, I saved up some funds if another shows up for sale. This year I finally got my chance! But it was too good to be true, too good...really!


Tufty Pichu Pokedoll. He's in remarkable brand new-like condition, as if he was bought off the shelf a few hours ago (sans the slightly bend tag due to transport) Quite a feat, considering he's released in 2002! And he's being MWT is just far too much I have ever asked for!
I feel divided because usally I detach hang tags - I rather have them crispy fresh than wrinkly. Nonetheless, I'm truly honoured to own him and he's without a doubt my ultimate prized plush in my humble collection.

I wanted a name for him, but for now I shall call him Tufty. ^^
Shown here is Tufty with his PlushPlush bro. (I'm still looking for the regular Pichu, gimme a shout if you happen to have any extra!)
The PlushPlush fabric is quite different from the velboa used for Tufty and the colour is quite darker yellow. Biggest difference would be the plastic eyes (My Pichu is a bit derpy looking, but I still love him lots!)

Tufty shares a similar colour to Gizamimi (has a neon like feel, but not too intense) JPN Gizamimi has a rounder body and her smile/lips are significantly less thick than Tufty. I think the US Kiosk Gizamimi has a much rounder, slightly bigger face than the JPN version.

Here's a group photo of the Pichu Pokedoll family!
All three have different patterns. Overall I think Tufty has the best of both PlushPlush and Pokedoll combined. ^^

Some other stuffs in the mail:

One time, I bought a lot in the hopes to get a different plush, but turned out to be not the one I'm looking for. I noticed that there's a mystery Spinda plush inside the lot (I can only see the ears) and I'm quite pleased it turned out to be the Spinda Pokedoll (Pattern B/C?)
It's the one with a lone spot at the forehead. I think he might be a 2003 release, but I don't know for certain since his tush tag was cut off.
He has one lone spot at the back of his head. I wonder if all the three different patterns have the exact same spot at the same place?
If I can manage it, I'd love to complete the three different patterns eventually!

Sometimes I regret selling plushes I used to own. Reshiram is one of them. ^^; I realise I love this plush so much after parting with him, that I bought another new one sometime late last year. Reshiram and Salamence are my favourite dragon types along with Dragonite, but I haven't got around getting a Dragonite plush yet.

Stunfisk used Camouflage! I looove this cushion so much, he's the definition of perfection. <3 Debating whether to use him as a chair cushion at office or keeping him at home...

Stunfisk is as big as Wailord!

And that's all, till next time! Have a great day everyone!

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