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Buizel update!

Hi, pkmncollectors! It's been a while since I posted a collection update. I have many new items since my last post, but this post is all Buizel, since I have some really awesome, rare things that I have been lucky enough to obtain. :)


Late last year, I used a deputy service for the first time, because there was something on there that I absolutely had to win!

Ninth movie gachapon figure! I even have the insert, although I don't have a photo of it. I notified silverbuizel of one on Y!J in early 2010, I think it was, and when one popped up over a year later, she returned the favor. :) And I won! I won for my max bid, luckily, but oh boy was it tense watching that timer count down!

It really is a gorgeous figure! The sculpt for Buizel is so fun!

This isn't a particularly good picture, but I wanted to show how happy this Buizel is. I'm so thrilled to have this in my collection.

I also won something else on Y!J, also a relatively rare Buizel item!

Can you spot the difference?

Clear! It's in minty-fresh condition, too! Once again, it was silverbuizel that alerted me to this beauty. I don't think that I would have even noticed the listing if she hadn't, to be honest! Thanks, SB! <3

Last year, with blackfruitbat's help, I cohosted a GA for the first time. I was after this!

Buizel Megablok! Elusive little guy. @__@ As you can tell, he's a bit scuffed up, but I'm just happy to have one, finally! It ended up costing quite a bit for such a tiny thing, but that just goes to show that size has nothing to do with worth! I'm pretty sure there's another variation, though, one where he's not waving, so...still looking, I guess!

Thanks to anyone who participated in the GA and made obtaining this fella possible!

Finally, one last addition:

Movie 9 candy! Yes, this is candy from a movie that came out in Japan in 2006. Delicious! An interesting addition to my collection, to say the least!
The little sticker is also new. Such cute art.

And now, everything:

I'm so happy with how far this collection has come! I'm always watching for new items! Please check out my wants list if you have any Buizel, Seel line, Spheal line, or Zangoose stuff for sale to see what I'm after. I'd love to get all the pan stickers, but what I really, really want are Buizel Pokedoll items. I know of a charm, stickers, a pen, and a figure, so if you happen to have any one of those you'd like to sell, let me know! I'm willing to pay quite a bit for those items!
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