JessLyra (jesslyra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Still here update

Hi guys, Ive not been around much to really post so heres a bit of a multi post.
Valentine's, Gets and such

Starting off with the Valentine's I got.

This is such a beautiful Bandana and action flipz are awesome too (zomg Arcanine) thanksdewott Im not quite sure how to display the cloth, but Im sure Ill find somewhere for it to be seen ^^

And now for some of my latest gets:

Luxay Tomy, Zebstrika Attack Kid, MPC Liepard and Pepsi Reshiram =3

My current Charm collection. Getting Luxray line and Zebstrika line from Gin's latest charm wave get, then I will just need to track down Umbreon and Rapidash line charms =3

And some flats =3 OMG love those new cards!!!

Im gonna do some digging through my inboxes, but Im still waiting on an Alt Form Giratina Pokedoll from a GA way waaaay back =C it was in a fairly big pokedoll GA, when I look I will post links and such.
And because I was this Mystery Valentine's who did the Custom Lugia and Zapdos, I would like to boost my customs, so please look, I will update the post, now Im back.

and of course a sales plug

Tags: cards, charizard, charms, collection, custom, figures, liepard, luxray, mpc, sales, zebstrika
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