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Small sales!

Hey, everyone! Some Monster High girls I've been wanting to do custom repaints on have popped up on eBay, but I know they are not going to go for cheap so I'm here with some things to try to sell including a Chikorita lot, Jakks Zoroark, and more! :D


I got sales permission from dakajojo on 12/04/11
I ship from Beloit, WI
Shipping(Including fees and such) starts at $2.50 for US, $3.50 International.
Paypal Only, NO e-checks.
I am okay with haggling as long as it's within reason!
I'd prefer cash, may trade for James items, or Monster High(lol)
Once things have been mailed out, I am not responsible for lost packages!
Also, I do have 3 dogs, and a cat! But NO smoking!
Please ask if there is anything I have left out! :)


All of my items here can be combined with my previous sales! (Which it's highlights include: Ash kid, Golurk chupa, Manaphy car.. thing, and McDonalds figures!) Sales can also be combined with my non-Pokemon sales here:

I apologize in advance for the crummy pictures. I had new batteries for my camera but I just can't find where they went so I have to stick with crummy cell phone shots :( I can take better pictures upon request!

<a href=" target="_blank">Photobucket</a>
Landon TFG! - $3

Chikorita lot - $10 OBO
Includes: phone strap, Tomy, and kid! (Kid comes with it's box which will be flattened and the sticker it came with!)

Jakks Zoroark - $7 (She is minty aside from a little bit of dust. I got her MIP when I bought the three pack that contained a Suicune and Carnivine. I opened the package and put her on my shelf)
Jakks? (That's what the lot said it was that I bought him in.. o_O) Marshtomp - $1

Why, yes, Sebastian is there for your viewing pleasure~ ;P Haha x3
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