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Collection Update!

Hello all! Now that it's Sunday and things have at least temporarily stopped coming in the mail, I figure this is a good time to do a collection update. Previous update is here.


Click the cut for more!

Only addition to my plush shelf today, the Yamask Banpresto! He's not the MPC, not sure what exactly he is, but he does not have the mouth on him like the Yamask plush on PPP does. Strange.

Mudkips! The only ones who are NOT a new addition are the Pokedoll and Canvas. Here we have two new plush, a laying Mudkip Beanie and a really, really big fuzzy Mudkip. Up there are some new flats (with a doodle by furrettails), and down there are lots of new figures and things. Let's have a closer look.

Unknown Marshtomp figure (it can flail around, though; unsure if bootie since every one of these figs I've seen are in poor condition), spinny Marshtomp figure (everyone seems to call them spin figures when they don't actually spin), Marshtomp Chocoball/Candy, Mudkip Dex/Footprint, Swampert Pencil Topper, Swampert Dex Figure (w/out base, if anyone has a stray base for him then please let me know), custom Mudkip sprite button by usakochan, Mudkip + Marshtomp rollers, Mudkip Pencil Topper.

Tired of Mudkips yet? Yes? There's still more.

Kids! So many kids. Let's list all the things.
Mudkip Bobblehead, Swampert Attack kid, Swampert kid, Marshtomp kid, Mudkip kid, SHINY Mudkip kid, Mudkip Attack kid. Back kinda behind the kids are Marshtomp and Mudkip V-trainers, and the Mudkip chess piece! If any of you don't have a chess piece yet- GET ONE. They're gorgeous and well made.
Up top are more flats and my charms, because a collection is not truly complete without charms. The evo line tin is not new. It's an action flipz tin btw. Also, who are those in the corner...?

It's ghosts! I wouldn't call this a collection quite yet, it's... more of a pile. I already had the action flipz but didn't have them in my last update.
Gengar TOMY, custom Banette sprite button by usakochan, Banette kid, buncha flats, and a Chandelure attack kid! Now, let's move to the left...

My only slightly abandoned Reuniclus line corner. Mostly flats, then kids and an evo line strap. The charm back there is a custom one I made myself eons ago. Not pictured are the charms who are going to be on their way soon, and a tote bag w/ Reuniclus on it that mew0929 very generously gave me.

I leave you with my "I don't know where to put this, so I'm going to put it here" shelf. The new additions here are some cards, Arceus and Darmanitan kids, and the Arceus chou get. It'll eventually be arranged into... something, I'm just not sure what. Possibly for my Ghost and Jelly collections since my Axolotls will inevitably push them off their current shelf.

Anyways, that should be all for now! Happy collecting. (Just a quick question though: are you supposed to leave feedback multiple times for people? For separate transactions of course.)
Tags: banette, duosion, gengar, marshtomp, mudkip, reuniclus, solosis, swampert, yamask
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